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 Work gets reaaaally busy when your workload unexpectedly doubles, and all the people who help you are suddenly on annual leave. But hey, I'm managing. Whilst doing an RP with someone on another site. And doing my own storywriting. Yippee!

I accomplished a lot in Skyrim yesterday. I did a load of quests in Whiterun, joined the Companions, did a few quests for them, did some more dungeons, fought a FUCKING BEAR jesus it almost killed me. Became the Dragonborn, got Lydia to tag along with me...

I found some bugs.

Bug Number 1: I had a companion before Lydia. She was carrying half my equipment. I turn around after 5 minutes and she's fucking gone.

Seriously. I can't find her. This heavily armoured NPC has disappeared.
I spent hours looking for her again. I looked in every house. I went outside the city. I checked the stables. I checked the shops. I checked another shop. I checked the inn where she usually is. I checked the OTHER inn.

I eventually found her in Jorrvaskr. I don't know why she didn't follow me through the damn door. Jesus christ. 

Bug Number 2: You know that quest about rescuing Thorald from the Thalmor? You have to steal a note from the Battle-Born house and give it to the NPC in the Grey-Mane's house.

Here's the thing: I got to the Grey-Mane's house, and the door was locked. 
That's cool, I can pick locks.
I pick the lock, break into the house, and prepare to deliver the message to the NPC.

The NPC accuses me of trespassing and refuses to speak to me.


He won't talk to me no matter what I do. Holy shit. He threatened to call the guards and told me to get out. 
After about 5 minutes of this, I thought to myself: it's night time. He's probably just trying to sleep. I'll wait until daylight and then try again.

Daytime comes. His door is still fucking locked.
He still won't talk to me. Or come out of his house, because he's a goddamn hermit. 
His mum comes out of the house and asks me if I've found the message yet. I can't tell her I've found the message, because she isn't the right NPC to talk to. No, I'm supposed to talk to her SON.

You know, the guy who's locked himself in his own home and won't come out.

So I wait. I wait for time to pass. Maybe he's sleeping in.
I wait until midday.
The door is STILL LOCKED.

Eventually I gave up and used a console command to force this dumbass bastard of a Nord to actually exit the house, whereupon he FINALLY takes the message from me and I can progress the damn quest.

I've heard of Skyrim bugs, but this was ridiculous.
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